Pancake Mix  800mg

Pancake Mix 800mg

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CBD Infusion Strength:  800mg.

CBD Pancake Mix is a great way to start your morning. Simply add water to this simply tasty pre-mix of CBD Pancakes. CBD Pancakes are Infused Edibles. Take & Bake, just make sure to use your favorite toppings!

Diabetes Prevention
Nearly half of the U.S population either has diabetes or shows pre-diabetes symptoms. This dangerous disease poses its daily health impediments. Though, it also puts you at much-greater risk for heart problems, kidney failure, nerve damage, and several other disorders. Studies have shown that CBD treatment significantly cuts down on risk of diabetes. The results show that, CBD has beneficial effects with your blood sugar which enables it to reduce your chance of having diabetes.

Although Hemp Releaf makes no medical claims, third-party studies have shown that CBD has helped many ailments of the human body.

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