Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix  800mg

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix 800mg

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CBD Infusion Strength:  800mg

Take N Bake – CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Delight your taste buds to the warm taste of CBD Cookies.

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies come in strengths from 400mg, to 800mg. Please choose your dosage accordingly.

Great tasting, wonderful feeling, CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

What is CBD?
One of the systems of the body that is suppressed from science education is the Endocannabinoid system.

The human body produces its own endogenous Cannabinoids. There are receptors throughout the body that respond to two types of cannabinoids: CB1 and CB2.

What these receptors do is convert CBD to ‘brain food’ as we call it. It really is a complicated scientific process.

CBD can be transmitted from external sources such as industrial hemp plants. CBD, which does not produce the high, was designed to naturally fit in the CB2 receptor.

Instead of binding to the receptor, CBD – Cannabidiol stimulates activity in both receptors, and change activity within any cells that contain those receptors.

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